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What If His Whole Life Is a Bald-Faced Lie?

10-year-old girl: Ac­tu­al­ly I do like a boy… Justin Bieber.
Fa­ther: But Justin Bieber’s gay.
10-year-old girl: No he’s not.
Fa­ther: Yes he is, he’s gay with Zac Efron.
10-year-old girl: Zac Efron’s not gay, he has a beard!


And You’re Okay with This Apartheid?

Kid: I want Skit­tles.
Mom: We have M&Ms at home. We don’t need any more can­dy.
Kid, af­ter long pause: The Skit­tles telled me they’re lone­some. They want to go home and see their friends, the M&Ms.
Mom: Nice try, but no… Skit­tles and M&Ms don’t fre­quent the same so­cial cir­cles, any­way.

Lex­ing­ton, Ken­tucky

Over­heard by: He-Man Skit­tle-Haters Club