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If the Tagline Isn’t “Gotta Fuck Them All” Then Someon Made a Mistake

Girl: The first Pokemon movie was really sad.
Guy #1: Oh, yeah! It made me cry.
Girl: I couldn’t believe when Pikachu almost died…
Guy #2: Have you guys seen Pokemon porn?
Girl: Okay, let’s just stop right there.
Guy #2: No, it’s crazy. You know Misty? She’ll do like anything!

Hartford, Connecticut

Overheard by: Claire

While I’m Sober, for Once.

Suit lady #1: So how was your weekend?
Suit lady #2: Oh, it was really good. I went to a jail.
Suit lady #1: Really? I’ve never been to a jail.
Suit lady #2: Yeah, neither had I… it was really good.
Suit lady #1: I’ve always wanted to go to a jail.
Suit lady #2: Yeah, you probably will… I thought “Seeing as I’m putting people in there, I should probably find out what it’s like.”


Overheard by: Cassie Barlow