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…I Allowed the Holy Spirit Into My Life.

Disgruntled freshman girl #1: Ugh, I hate that guy. He is like, you know, so… Ugh!
Disgruntled freshman girl #2: I know, right?
Rude sophomore guy, interrupting: Oh, me and him? We’re like porn buddies!
(awkward silence from girls)
Rude sophomore guy: What? That was like, before.


Overheard by: happened to be eating lunch

Is That a Lip-Liner and EpiPen in One?

Hottie: Here ya go — put this in your man-purse for me, please.
Indie boyfriend, indignantly: It’s not a man-purse! It’s a medical evac bag!
Hottie: Okay. You got any bandages or sterile alcohol in there?
Indie boyfriend: … No.
Hottie: Yeah, right — it’s a man-purse. [Guy sullenly puts item in bag.] 

Target, Saint Matthews
Louisville, Kentucky

She Can Enlighten Me Anytime!

Asian Visual Studies professor: Why is the lotus flower significant in Buddhist art? The lotus comes from this muddy, icky swamp water, and then it pops up and blooms really big and it’s just beautiful, and you can’t believe something so beautiful could have come from this ugly place — it’s sort of like Liv Tyler, actually.

Santa Cruz, California