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Yeah, We Quit at Least Once a Day

Girl #1: Lately it feels like I’m on fire when I have sex.
Girl #2: That’s what happened when I had gonorrhea.
Guy at next table: Wow. Those girls were pretty hot before I heard that… I have to stop eavesdropping.

I Still Hate to Buy Her a Two-Year Planner, Though

Guy on one side of the store: So how’s your friend who has cancer?
Woman in queue, thirty feet away: Oh, she’s getting better!
Guy: Really?
Woman: Yeah, they put her on this herbal diet and now she’s getting better.
Guy: Wow.
Woman: Yeah, it’s amazing.
Guy: So what sort of cancer is it?
Woman: I’m not sure…
Guy: Is it terminus cancer?
Woman: Yeah, I think that’s it.
Guy: Terminus cancer, yeah?
Woman: Yeah, yeah, but she’s getting better.


Overheard by: Irongate

Doctor: Works Every Time

Cheerleader: So, I had this problem with peeing and I visited a doctor.
Friend: What did he say?
Cheerleader: You can’t imagine… He wanted to see the effect, so I had to pee in front of him while he’s watching me doing it!
Friend: Wow. I would freak out if that happened to me.

Classroom, Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana

Overheard by: Awesome Naveed