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The Se­cret Is to Keep Mov­ing Fast

Teen girl #1: So what you’re say­ing is, when I fart I’m smelling my own shit-smell?
Teen girl #2: Ex­act­ly. That’s how it works.
Teen girl #1: That’s nasty. I can’t be­lieve peo­ple do that all day!

Toron­to, On­tario

Over­heard by: Sass

No­body Un­der­stands Pol­ish Ro­man­tic Come­dies

Guy #1: So is she your girl­friend now, or what?
Guy #2: Well, I’ve told her I love her a cou­ple of times…
Guy #1: Okay…
Guy #2: But then she just starts speak­ing in pol­ish and tells me her mum is watch­ing her.
Guy #1: Good, that’s not a ‘no’!

Copen­hagen, Dan­mark

Delet­ed Scene from Lit­tle Miss Sun­shine

Guy #1: Some thieves tried to hot-wire my car at the sta­tion yes­ter­day.
Guy #2: Oh my god, re­al­ly?
Guy #1: Yeah, but they did­n’t re­al­ize that some­times it on­ly starts in neu­tral, so they could­n’t even get it run­ning. Dick­heads.
Guy #2: Ha­ha, it’s shit­ness! It’s like an an­ti-theft de­vice!


Over­heard by: Jim­my