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Who’d Leave Anybody for Mom?

Blonde #1: So wait, your dad was still married when he asked your mom out?
Blonde #2: Yeah, and I mean I hadn’t thought about it until my sister pointed it out, but I guess my mom was a homewrecker. So I asked her about it and she was like “oh, yeah…I remember the divorce papers going through.“
Blonde #1: That is so weird!
Blonde #2: Yeah, no kidding.


Overheard by: Not the Daughter of a Homewrecker

What Do You Think Scrapple Is?

Slutty girl: Hey, you know cow titties?
Quiet girl: Uhhh…
Slutty girl: Can you eat them?
Quiet girl: What?
Slutty girl: You know — cow titties!
Quiet girl: You mean udders?
Slutty girl: Yeah! Can you eat them?

French class, All Saints High School
Whitby, Ontario

Overheard by: freshman whisperer