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The Spon­ta­neous Ad­mis­sion to Grad School Is Just a Myth

Phi­los­o­phy pro­fes­sor: He chose this ex­am­ple be­cause it had sex ap­peal. It turned peo­ple on.
(changes Pow­er­Point slide to pic­ture of bac­te­r­i­al fla­gel­lum)
Male stu­dent: Ohh­h­hh!
Pro­fes­sor: Please don’t have an or­gasm in my class.

Ly­coming Col­lege
Williamsport, Penn­syl­va­nia

Best To­fu, Though

Whiny girl: Oh my god, that chick­en is ter­ri­ble!
Hip­ster chick: That’s be­cause it’s to­fu.
Whiny girl: Yeah, worst chick­en ever.

Over­heard by: sarafist