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The Episode Of MacGuyver I’d Pay to See

Weird lady getting her hair cut: The nail just wouldn’t stay down on my toe. So because it was all loose, junk kept getting in there. The doctor basically told me that junk would just keep getting in there.
Stylist: Wow!
(a minute later)
Weird lady getting her hair cut: If I could have one of those guys do my wedding, I’d be all like, “here’s a doily and a paper cup, see what you can do.“
Stylist: Yeah.
Weird lady getting her hair cut: I mean if you can’t have a bangin wedding in Puerto Rico, you might as well see what you can get from a doily and a paper cup here.
Stylist: Yeah.


What Apple?

Girlfriend: You’re still tying your shoes with bunny ears?
Boyfriend: The other way is really hard!
Girlfriend: It’s so easy!
Boyfriend: Look, I have to do the bunny ears. I can’t tie my shoes the other way. It’s like, the bunny goes around the tree 50 billion times, then hides in its hole, comes out and the mongoose chases it… Then the rabbit eats the apple!

High school
Hamburg, New York