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When You Work for the City, You Take What Fun You Can Get

India-Indian conductor: We will need to stand by in just a few minutes for some maintenance work. We’re having some problems with the brakes, and they will need to be checked… Actually, they’re really not working… At all. [Everyone exchanges looks when doors instantly close and train pulls out of station, rounding the next corner at high speed.] 

Chicago El, Brown Line
Chicago, Illinois

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You’ll Notice That Your Test Booklets Come Equipped with Condoms and Lube

Teacher: Okay, so the online quiz is up. You have a week to complete it, in your own time. I suggest, even encourage, you to bring your laptops and get together with your friends and have an “online quiz party”. Last year we had students throwing “online quiz orgies” but that’s another story.

Griffith University

I Just Want to Be Close to Somebody Who’ll Leave Me Alone

Chick: … So then he started talking about feelings and stuff, and how we only have sex and we never talk anymore! [Friend nods.] Like, sometimes after we do it he tries to cuddle with me, and all I can think about is, ‘Damn, I really just want to sleep…’ So, do I break up with him?

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