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When Republicans Have Nightmares

Woman on cell: So I was going to AA/NA, but I got my check from the government. (pause) Yeah, I’m not going to go now.

Target Store

.…If There Any Left

College kid: Excuse me, what is the difference between these potato pancakes and a potato latka?
Grocery stocker: Um, I don’t know what a latka is, so I couldn’t tell you.
College kid: A Jewish potato pancake.
Grocery stocker: Well, those potato pancakes are German.
College kid: I wonder if a German Jew would eat them.

Sendik’s Grocery Store
Grafton, Wisconsin

Overheard by: Arthur

It’s a Wonder We’re Not More Popular!

Guy #2, after being punched by guy#1: Shield!
Guy #1: Well, good thing I just grew a giant alligator head!
(guy #1 pretends to have a giant alligator head with his arms and eats guy #2)
Guy #2: That was the best comeback ever!

Hendersonville, Tennessee