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Nobody Even Pretends to Understand U.S. Politics

Teacher: So, you have two teams. Let’s make a team name. Like…the red team and the green team, or the lion team and the tiger team. What’s your team name?
Ten-year-old boy: Obama team. (team members nod)
Teacher: Uh, okay. (to other team) So, are you guys the McCain team?
Ten-year-old girl: No! (whispered consultation with team members) Blue team.

English School

…I Allowed the Holy Spirit Into My Life.

Disgruntled freshman girl #1: Ugh, I hate that guy. He is like, you know, so… Ugh!
Disgruntled freshman girl #2: I know, right?
Rude sophomore guy, interrupting: Oh, me and him? We’re like porn buddies!
(awkward silence from girls)
Rude sophomore guy: What? That was like, before.


Overheard by: happened to be eating lunch