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People in L.A. Eat?

Guy: I have to use the girls’ room ’cause there is just vomit everywhere in the men’s and a guy, like, dying or something.
Girl: Well, that’s what you get for moving to the East side! Apparently no one vomits at bars on the West side. We here on the East side are all about vomit. It’s, like, totally cool.

Ladies’ room, 4100 Bar, Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: Erin

But I Want to Be the Straight-shooter, If You Know What I Mean.

Male mountain biker: All we ever did was make out. And that’s not what I want in a relationship. If I wanted a hook-up buddy I’d at least get one who would suck my dick. I mean, there’s like 14 girls I could go to right now. So that’s why I broke up with her.
Female mountain biker: Yeah… She was pretty straightforward though, wasn’t she?

Crafton Hills, California

Overheard by: they didn’t even notice I was wearing hiking in slippers

… Or Saw Me?

College girl to her family: … And this is where I peed last night!
Security guard: [Applauds.]College girl: You think he heard me?

French Quarter
New Orleans, Louisiana

Overheard by: Security Guard