Overheard Everywhere 2017-08-19T06:09:50Z https://overheardeverywhere.com/feed/atom/ WordPress https://overheardeverywhere.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/cropped-everywhere-favicon-32x32.png admin <![CDATA[Ironically, the Skirt Has a Silver Lining]]> 2017-08-19T06:09:50Z 2017-08-19T06:09:50Z Girl in uniform: So when I went to pick up my uniform there were no skirts. So my mom was like “My daughter needs bottoms.”
Friend: That sucks!
Girl in uniform: Yeah, the skirt I’m wearing now belongs to this girl who was deported to Trinidad. Toronto
Canadia Overheard by: Myr

admin <![CDATA[Though I Would Advise Against Googling the TA. *Shudder*]]> 2017-08-18T17:39:19Z 2017-08-18T17:39:19Z Professor: So I was looking through your online homework and I tried out the first question and I got it wrong. So I suggest you google the answer. You can find anything on google. Bellingham, Washington Overheard by: Condones This

admin <![CDATA[I Blame Myself for Buying You the Little Pin-striped Suit and Supersoaker]]> 2017-08-18T04:38:19Z 2017-08-18T04:38:19Z Female: What are you gonna be for Halloween?
Child: Al Capone.
Female: But you're Al Capone every day. Memphis, Tennessee

admin <![CDATA[I'm Known As the Paul Revere of Gaudy Accessories]]> 2017-08-17T15:55:54Z 2017-08-17T15:55:54Z Lesbian with terrible tie: I am the vanguard of the revolution. Cozy Corner Diner & Pancake House
Chicago, Illinois

admin <![CDATA[Um, It's a Shit Party in Your Pants, Dude]]> 2017-08-17T03:50:28Z 2017-08-17T03:50:28Z Girl at party: For the last time: I am not interested in you. You're too short, too fat and too drunk!
Guy, defiantly: I'm not drunk! If I was drunk, I wouldn't think you were so fucking ugly!
(girl storms off angrily)
Guy, to himself: It's a shit party when the ugliest bitch at the party ain't a sure thing!! Melbourne
Australia Overheard by: Scotty

admin <![CDATA[Was Alvin and the Chipmunks Banned in Canadia?]]> 2017-08-16T03:42:47Z 2017-08-16T03:42:47Z Lady #1: So we have these squirrels in our backyard, and I don't know if the rabbits got to them or what, but they don't have any tails, just these stubs.
Lady #2: (laughs loudly) Union Station

admin <![CDATA[That's Why Raccoons Wash Their Food First]]> 2017-08-15T03:38:38Z 2017-08-15T03:38:38Z Guy: When I went down on him, I realized he didn't shower.
Friend: Gross.
Guy: Yeah, I wasn't even gagging because of his dick, but because of his foul stench. UC
Berkeley, California

admin <![CDATA[Then My Crush Only Increased.]]> 2017-08-14T03:25:43Z 2017-08-14T03:25:43Z Ten-year old girl #1: He was pretty cute.
Ten-year old girl #2: I know! I had the biggest crush on him in third grade… until he died. Santa Fe, New Mexico Overheard by: Wait. What?

admin <![CDATA[…Your Majesty]]> 2017-08-13T03:23:22Z 2017-08-13T03:23:22Z Guy to friend: Well, you're from England and she's Canadian, so it probably has something to do with the metric system. Lexington, Kentucky

admin <![CDATA[Instant Coffee: Explained]]> 2017-08-12T03:18:51Z 2017-08-12T03:18:51Z Philosophy teacher: So, I've created a robot that knows how to go into my office and make me a coffee. But what if something goes wrong? What if the coffee's in a different place, or there's no milk? What if there's bees in the sugar? Perth