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Homie Also Has a Hard Time on Armed Forces Career Day

Flamboyant, very white math teacher: Alright, we have a test on Tuuuuseday, which is also, guess what, the blood drive! So don’t donate blood before the test and please, please, do not donate blood during the test. You’ll be writing with one arm and bleeding with the other, and then you’ll get paler and paler… and keel over and die. Homie can’t fly that. Homie can’t.

Math Classroom

Or the Word “Dyke” Ever Again

Teacher: So, for the final sentence we should get some sort of metaphor for tax cuts helping the US recession.
Student #1: Hmm… Hey, you know like, the commercial where they put gum in the hole in the dam to stop the leak?.
Student #2: Or the finger!
Teacher: Oh, you mean in the dyke!
Student #1: Yeah, so… Tax cuts would be the finger in the hole of America’s dyke?
Teacher: Maybe we shouldn’t use a metaphor.

English Essentials Class
Waimea, Hawaii

Overheard by: boehmface