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I Demolished That Problem Set, Yo.

Thug #1: Yo, nigga! I will beat you up! You hear me? I will demolish your ass!
Thug #2: Nah man, nah. I’ll beat your ass!
Thug #1: Fuck that, nigga, fuck that.
Thug #1: Yo, nigga, what was our physics homework for last night?
Thug #2: Section 4. It’s on that Archimedes’ principle shit.

University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

I Wonder What She’s Thinking Of

Teen girl #1: Do you know what epidermis is?
Teen girl #2: No, but I’ve heard of it before.
Teen girl #1: What do you think it is?
Teen girl #2: I think it’s got something to do with ski lifts.

Breckenridge Lane
Louisville, Kentucky