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Leave Jay Manuel Alone, Already.

Teen boy #1: He’s gay.
Teen boy #2: No, he isn’t.
Teen girl: He’s just orange!
Teen boy #2, laughing: “Orange” isn’t a sexual orientation.
Teen boy #1, laughing so hard he’s crying: I was just thinking that.
Teen boy #2: Hes like, an Oompa-Loompa. He’s always so mean ’cause he’s tall, they rejected him because he was different.

New York City, New York

Good to Know Fast Food Joints Are Just As Classy Outside the U.S.

Crazy hobo in McDonald’s line: Does the McDuplo come with fries?
Mcworker: Only if you get the combo. Would you like the combo?
Crazy hobo in McDonald’s line: Son of a bitch! This is McDonald’s. I want fries with my fucking sandwich. [he throws up on the floor, then walks away muttering.]Mcworker to other mcworker: I wish I was dead.

Belo Horizonte