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You Mean, Like, Jersey Shore?

Marine with no game to clearly uninterested sales clerk: And we marines say “semper fi” to each other, do you know what that means?
Sales girl: Yeah, it…
Marine, interrupting: It means “always faithful.” It’s like Russian or some shit… No. Maybe Italian… Yeah, it’s Italian.

Birmingham, Alabama

And Then I’ll Have to French-Kiss You, in a “Thank-You-for-Smacking-Me” Kind Of Way

Marine #1, on plane: Since you got the window seat, I might lean my head on your shoulder for part of this flight. Not in a gay way, more in a I’m-tired-and-want-to-lean-my-head-on-something kind of way.
Marine #2: Alright, but I might have to smack you. Not in an I‑hate-you kind of way, more in a get-your-head-off-my-damn-shoulder kind of way.

Atlanta, Georgia