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A Confusion Often Found in Young Big Bad Wolves

Mom: Can you sit there and be mommy’s good boy just a little longer? We’re almost done shopping.
Boy: No. I’m not your good boy. I’m not your good boy anymore.
Mom: Oh you aren’t? Then will you be a big boy for me?
Boy: No, I’m not your big boy! I’m not your big boy, and I’m not your good boy anymore.
Mom: Oh really, then what are you?
Boy: I’m a grandma!

Overheard by: kari

Sure, Alberto. Sure.

Yelling man: Don’t try to pick my pocket! I’m in the FBI! I have a badge! I know the Constitution! I could kill you!

Overheard by: b!X

Best Tofu, Though

Whiny girl: Oh my god, that chicken is terrible!
Hipster chick: That’s because it’s tofu.
Whiny girl: Yeah, worst chicken ever.

Overheard by: sarafist

Get in Line

Father to crying son holding Spider-Man card: That damn Tobey Maguire is ruining my life!

Overheard by: artwork