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Clay Aiken?

Student: I have that song “Ring My Bell” in my head.
Advisor #1: The one by Diana Ross.
Student: I think so.
Advisor #2, from adjacent cube: It’s not Diana Ross.
Advisor #1: Well, who is it?
Advisor #2: I don’t know, but not Diana Ross.
Student: And that song “In the Navy.“
Advisor #2: That’s not Diana Ross either. Just as gay, but not Diana Ross.

El Paso, Texas

Overheard by: Disco Dan

Um, You Mean Politically, Right?

12-year-old boy #1: I wouldn’t like to have two lesbian moms.
12-year-old boy #2: Why not?
12-year-old boy #1: Because they would be, like, overactive.
12-year-old boy #3: You’re totally right!

Mabo Secondary School