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Did I Stutter?

Six-year-old boy: Hey, look at this piece of bamboo!
Eight-year-old brother, taking bamboo, hiding it behind his back and then brandishing it like a staff: And now, with my mermaid magic, I pronounce you Sir Giraffetail! Ahoy!
Six-year-old boy: What?

Indianapolis Zoo
Indianapolis, Indiana

Overheard by: Emily and Aaron

Actually, I’ll Need a Spiked Paddle to Properly Demonstrate

Four-year-old girl: I like sex! I like sex! I like sex!
Six-year-old sister: You don’t even know what sex is!
Four-year-old girl: Yes, I do!
Six-year-old sister: No, you don’t!
Four-year-old girl: Yes, I do! It’s prawn dumplings!
Six-year-old sister: No, it’s not.
Four-year-old girl: Sex is prawn dumplings!
Six-year-old sister: No, it’s not! Sex is when mum and dad go into the bedroom and go like this…