Drunken fat woman, outside pub, shouting at drunken man on crutches: What was you thinkin' you cunt!? There's shit all over the seat!
Drunken man on crutches: Shuddup!
Drunken fat woman: You sprayed piss everywhere! No wonder they threw us out! You useless cunt! What the fuck was you thinkin' takin' a shit on the toilet seat?
Drunken man on crutches: It's not my fault you fucking cunt!
Drunken fat woman: You're the one what shat on the seat, you dirty cunt, and pissed all up the walls! Now we're barred! Where the fuck are we going to drink now?!
(drunken argument is audible for the next few streets).

Leamington Spa, England

Overheard by: Bleep