Also, Dead Horses

Girl #1: Ewww, that tastes like glue! I mean, I imagine if I knew what glue tasted like, it would taste like that.
Girl #2: You know what tastes like glue? Rice noodles.

Overheard by: scott

Bitter guy: Men and women are like stones in a river that lived next to each other for a long time… But one of the stones is a stupid confused idiot who doesn’t ever want to be happy or for any stones anywhere to be freaking happy.

Eugene, Oregon

Girl #1: I’m really scared right now! What are they doing? They’re going to break into some sort of big orgy any second!
Girl #2: It looks like some sort of weird sacrificial dance!
Girl #3: Yeah, like they’re getting ready to sacrifice a lamb!
Girl #2: Or a virgin!
Girl #1: Can they stop?! They’re giving me goosebumps! What are they doing?! Stop!

Woman #1, wearing an arm cast: Yeah, so my husband broke his hand now, too.
Woman #2: How’d he do that?
Woman #1: I ran it over with my car.
Woman #2: Why?!
Woman #1: Well, he ran mine over first!
Woman #2: I guess I can see that as a good reason…

Lady: Yeah, he’s cute… for a seven-year-old girl.

Kenmore Square
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: H

Dude: I have the best idea for a party — dress as your favorite crime!

Overheard by: A white collar criminal

White boy: I’m just a freshman. I don’t know how to get bitches yet.

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Professor: It’s like she said — what’s your name again?
Girl: Alandra.
Professor: Alandra. Okay, I’m going to try and remember that.
Girl: It’s easy. Alandra. Just think of ‘a laundromat.’

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Man jumping out of port-a-potty like a gymnast: … And he sticks the landing!


Overheard by: only at DRAM

Man to another: Remember when we first started? We swung both ways.

Overheard by: bp