Overheard in Pittsburgh

Girl #1: Every time I watch Rudolph, it gives me stress.
Girl #2: That show is horrible!
Girl #1: See, those little reindeer, they didn’t know any better, but Dancer was a grown-ass reindeer! He knew better than to treat Rudolph like that, tellin’ his own kid not to play with Rudolph… That’s some straight-up bullshit.
Guy: And why was Rudolph’s nose red if both of his parents’ noses were black?
Girl #2: ‘Cause his mom was a ho.
Girl #1: Y’know, Dancer was probably his mom’s punk-ass baby-daddy. And you know what? Even Santa didn’t know how to act. If I was Rudolph, I would tell Santa, ‘Oh, hell no!’
Girl #2: Oh, hell no!
Girl #1: ‘Santa better get his fat ass up there and guide his own shit, after he be treatin’ me like that! Oh, hell no!’


College dude #1: What are those birds that fucking talk?
College dude #2: Parrots?
College dude #1: No, that’s what my teacher said… Ravens! That’s right!
College dude #2: Ravens talk? That’s like Edgar Allen Poe shit or something.
College dude #1: No, dude, they for real only say like one word, though.
College dude #2, imitating a raven: Aquafina!
College dude #1: Yeah, dude! ‘Aquafina!’ Only I’d make mine say, ‘Radiator.’