Overheard At The Mecca

Professor: It’s like she said — what’s your name again?
Girl: Alandra.
Professor: Alandra. Okay, I’m going to try and remember that.
Girl: It’s easy. Alandra. Just think of ‘a laundromat.’


Overheard by:

Girl #1: We are so fly, we should kill ourselves.
Guy: Oh, yeah.
Girl #2 nods.


Overheard by: autumn

Confused customer: So, how much is this 30-cent gum?
Employee: Um, 25 cents.


Girl #1: This package is anonymous… But how did they know I would find it here? And it looks like they printed out my applications for me!
Girl #2: Maybe you have a stalker.
Girl #1: Wouldn’t that be so cool — to have a stalker that never showed his face but always helped you out?
Girl #2: They have those.
Girl #1: They do?
Girl #2: Yeah, they’re called angels.
Girl #2: True.

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