Overheard in High School

Bimbette: Harriet Tubman? Of course I know who that was. She was America’s first black president!


Overheard by: Marina

High school girl #1: Hey, I'm really sorry for teasing you before. I'm usually really sweet!
High school girl #2, mumbling: That's okay.
High school girl #1: Not Brianna, though, she's a total bitch!

High School

Overheard by: stuck in the bathroom stall next to you

Teacher, incredulously: You never read Harold and the Purple Crayon?!
Student: Well, sorry, I was reading Machiavelli.


Teacher: You will build a car from a mouse trap.
Student #1: Those things are dangerous!
Teacher: What?
Student #1: People have died from them!
Student #2: Who’s died from a mousetrap?
Student #1: Over 16 babies have been killed by mousetraps.
Teacher, after pause: People, keep your babies away from it.