Dude exiting cab: Oh! Hi!
Girl on sidewalk, trying to hail cab: Hi.
Dude exiting cab: You’re hot! Wanna make out?
Girl on sidewalk: Not right now.
Dude exiting cab: Slut!

Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts

Girl: You were being cocky!
Upset ex-boyfriend: No, I wasn’t!
Girl: You couldn’t get any cockier if you had dicks coming out of your ears and eyeballs.

Elkhart, Indiana

Overheard by: ashley

Woman #1, to table of friends: Well, I’m getting old, too. I’m getting wrinkles.
Woman #2: The thing is, you’re so fucking ugly that no one notices when you get old.

Overheard by: Me.

20-ish woman: I never realized how boring I was until I spent a night in jail and only had myself… And I’m really boring.

Overheard by: try singing hymns

Hey, Is That a Gypsy Over There?

Cranky mom: Don’t touch that!
Cranky four-year-old: I don’t like you!
Cranky mom: Good. I don’t like you, either.

Anaheim, California

Overheard by: Sally Ravenswood

Girl on street: I like your hat!
Man on bike: Thank you!
Girl on street: I was just kidding!

Guy to girlfriend: I wasn’t rooting for you. I was rooting for the hyenas.

Monterey, California

Overheard by: me too

Lady: Yeah, he’s cute… for a seven-year-old girl.

Kenmore Square
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: H

Crazy hobo passing out flyers: The animals eat the vegetables, and we are the minerals…
Girl, rejecting flyer: No, thanks. I’ve got one already.
Crazy hobo: You’re a communist transvestite on Mars!

Isla Vista, California

Enthusiastic lady: Oh, you must be having a boy!
Very preggers: Uh, no… It’s actually a girl.
Enthusiastic lady: Really? Because your face has changed!
Very preggers: What do you mean?
Enthusiastic lady: Oh, you know, it just looks bad. I was ugly, too, when I was pregnant with my son.

Clinic waiting room
San Francisco, California