Overheard in Law School

Wills and Trusts professor: Can you rescind an adoption? Is it possible to say, ‘I’m just not that into you’?


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Professor, after long explanation of transactions: … But that is probably not the law.


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Evidence professor: You really have no idea how stupid criminal defendants are. Imagine the stupidest person you went to high school with. Now, imagine a person that your stupid high school buddy would consider stupid. That’s your criminal defendant.


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Evidence prof, about hearsay exceptions: When Lebron James makes a three at the end of a game, is it a statement? He’s not actually saying anything. Actually, often when I go to games there is a woman with Downs Syndrome who sits behind me. She’s a lovely woman… She thinks the players are talking to her.


International Trade professor: This may seem counter-intuitive, but why would any country agree to something that would make it worse off? Just like my first marriage, it happens.


Second year law student: I don’t know what I drank last night, but my mouth tastes like a French whore today.


Third year law student #1 as assignment is handed back: I got a ‘Good.’
Third year law student #2: I got a ‘Drop out of law school.’


Gender professor: I don’t know how you’d know by just looking at men if they’re the chivalrous kind or the rapey kind.


Third-year student #1: So, I asked her if her husband still showed her affection, and she said, ‘Yes, he brings me flowers.’
Third-year student #2: Sadly, that’s not really the relevant question.
Third-year student #3: Seriously. The real question is, ‘Are you getting head?’


Third year student #1, about exam: What the hell was up with the reference to Aristotle?
Third year student #2: That’s code for, ‘I cordially invite you to bullshit.’