Little girl, repeatedly: Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

Barnes & Noble
Melbourne, Florida

Kid #1: Man, you always say that word when you’re drunk.
Kid #2: Yeah, I know. I need to stop watching that Michael Richards video.

Little girl when dad hands her balloon: I’ve been waiting all my life for this…

Newport News, Virginia

Overheard by: Audrey

Little boy: I have the power of microbes! [Evil laugh.]

São Paulo

Mother, reading newspaper: Dear God, another rapist is loose…
Six-year-old daughter: Mom, what’s rape?
Mother, uncomfortably: Um, that’s when a man forces a woman to have sex with him.
Six-year-old daughter: What’s sex?
Mother: Look! A bird!

Market Street
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: Queen Of Spades

11-year-old boy: Let’s go fuck some girls!

Delhi Skatepark
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mother: If a man ever hurts you, spit in his face, then cut his dick off and hand it to his mama.
Nine-year-old daughter: What if it’s my brother?

Muncie, Indiana

Overheard by: rideabike

Small boy: Dad! Dad! Can I have that?
Father: I've told you before, craving leads to attachment.

Toy Shop
Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Little girl to mom: But I am getting real good! Yesterday I didn't get any poop on my hand!

Public Restroom

Five-year-old girl, pointing to picture on cup: Who's that?
Babysitter: That's Ronald McDonald.
Five-year-old girl: Oh… How do you know him?

Manhattan, New York