Woman #1 in central Taipei: When she went to the us, she took along several boxes of detergent, because she doesn't like the smell of American detergent.
Woman #2: Yeah, I wouldn't want to smell like an American either.


Overheard by: Yugan

Tayal #1: Do you know that Oro had a stroke?
Man: I have heard that.
Tayal #2: Which Oro?
Man: Tienmei’s father.
Tayal #2: How did that happen?
Tayal #1: He didn’t drink enough liquor.


Overheard by: Yugan

Suit on the Taipei subway: After I went home that day, I kept thinking about hemorrhoids.


Overheard by: Yugan

Very tall boy on Taipei subway: You don't need to diet, you need to grow taller.
Very short girl: I would if I could.
Very tall boy: Do you want to go to the concert?
Very short girl: I don't go to concerts.
Very tall boy: Why not?
Very short girl: I can never see anything.


Overheard by: Yugan Dali