Sensory experiences

Lazy construction worker: Watch out, that stuff is hot!
Busy construction worker: It's okay, my fingers are used to the heat. I used to have habits.

Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Kendra

Girl #1: Awww… I knew I smelled you!
Girl #2: (laughs hysterically)

Bennington College
Bennington, Vermont

Girl: Sorry about the chafing. My butt still hurts when I poo.
Boy: [Makes sad face.]Girl: From your surprise. I don’t like your surprises.
Boy: It surprised me too!

Boston, Massachusetts

Boyfriend to gas station attendant: She slept with the entire football team in high school.
Girlfriend: Maybe, but I still wouldn’t have slept with you.
Boyfriend: Yeah? Really? How’s your butt feel? Ha! I haven’t even told my friends about that yet!

Richmond, Virginia

Girl to sister: The cheese is so good! It tastes like chicken!

Houston, Texas

Girl, nodding to human mess across the way: Is that girl burning holes into a photograph with a cigarette?
Guy: That is frighteningly erotic.

University of South Florida

Teacher, handing out candy to class: They're really sweet.
Student #1: And they make the roof of your mouth bleed.
Student #2: That's the best part.

High School
Calgary, Alberta

Guy: Egg salad is a dish best served cold.

Overheard by: alyssa

Girl #1: I hallucinated that you and my boyfriend had sex in the spirit world! I think I hallucinated I was using an umbrella in the shower this morning.
Girl #2: Uh. No… Sorry, I found one in our shower.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bro: Yeah, I remember the first time I saw someone projectile-vomit.

Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts