Guy to girlfriend: My dick is aching for your vagina.
Girl: I missed you too.

Barista cafe

Overheard by: mehr

Beggar girl to lady: Miss, look at you. You’re so beautiful! Give me money and God will bless you. Your boyfriend will marry you.
Man: We’re already married.
Beggar girl: Then you will be blessed with many, many babies.
Man: But I don’t want any babies.
Beggar girl: What?! Shame on you for not wanting babies! God will smite you for this! Unless you give me money…


Overheard by: Mirchi

Cat being carried by a morning walker: Meaow! Meaow meaow!
Morning walker: Yeah yeah yeah, okay. Then what happened?
Cat: Meaow!
Morning walker: Really? So what did you do?

Joggers Park
Vashi, Bombay