Language barrier

PSU freshman (attempting to flirt): Wow, that’s an amazing accent! Is it British?
Cute freshman who says Rs like Ws: Actually, it’s a speech impediment.

Overheard by: ellen

Black professor: Actually, it wasn't neither… Excuse me, I had an Ebonics moment. Please forgive me.

Millsaps College
Jackson, Mississippi

20-ish European guy: So, do you like Angela*?
20-ish Asian guy: We’re pretty good friends, yeah. But what do you mean ‘like’ her?
20-ish European guy: You know — like-like her.
20-ish Asian guy: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! We’re just really good friends. I never really thought of her that way. Why? Do you like-like her?
20-ish European guy: I dunno. I think I like-like her, but I thought you like-liked her. [They walk away, still talking.]Woman: Is it just me or did those foreign guys sound like 12-year-old American girls, but, y’know, with funny accents?

Charity pancake breakfast
Hope, Alaska

Overheard by: I’d say closer to 10

Hipster girl: Oh, look, there's a movie theata here too!
Hipster guy: Movie “theata”? Wow, you do have an accent… but your sister, she's really got an accent!
Hipster girl: Actually, she has a speech impediment.

Boston, Massachusetts

Marine with no game to clearly uninterested sales clerk: And we marines say “semper fi” to each other, do you know what that means?
Sales girl: Yeah, it…
Marine, interrupting: It means “always faithful.” It's like Russian or some shit… No. Maybe Italian… Yeah, it's Italian.

Birmingham, Alabama

High school girl, looking at seagulls feeding: That ain't crows, them are ducks!

Overheard by: Yugan

Hostess describing rose and black lady tea combo: Smells like rose, tastes like lady.


Little girl: He's drunk, I swear!
Teenage sister: He's not drunk, he's a foreigner.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Overheard by: Julia

Drunk girl in bar: Dammit, bitch! Talk legible!

Memphis, Tennessee

Overheard by: James

Girl: I'm hanging out with Claire today, that's why I can't stay later.
Guy: Is Claire the one with the awesome accent?
Girl: She has a speech impediment.

Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: Leonard