Overheard at BU

Girl on cell, completely serious: There’s a party tonight, and the theme is bunnies.


Statistics professor: If you’re not good-looking, you’d better be good; and if you’re not good, you’d better be rich… Oh, I’m sorry. It’s true, but I’m still sorry.


Overheard by: me in cas b12

BU law student: I had a childhood friend named Tim*. He only had one arm… He once punched a shark on the nose… That’s not why he had one arm, though.


Girls’ sports team jogging by: Happy Wacky Wednesday!
Hobo: I thought it was Whip ’em Out Wednesday!


Guy, with friends: So when, as a child, you kill a pregnant bunny…


Overheard by: svggrdnbeauty and i

Italian professor: Once, I put an octopus into a boy’s underwear.


Girl on subway: Hey, can we talk for a minute?
Guy sitting next to her: What are you, some kind of psycho?


Overheard by: Ian

Girl to friend: I feel like a giant pen… that spilt its ink on the world.


Overheard by: Yours truly

Dude: She has some sort of mental block about putting her legs above her head.


Overheard by: etherealagent