Chick #1, fawning over little pup: Oh my god, he is sooo adorable. Hellooo! Hellooo there, little guy! Awww, so cute. [She and her friend walk away.]Chick #2: Oh, he was so cute! I wish I could have one.
Chick #1: I wish I could have stepped on the little thing and squished its little head.

Chick: I totally want to make out with Jesus. I mean, I like my boyfriend, but it’s Jesus… I’m totally going to Hell.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chick #1: Was she cute?
Chick #2: No, she was fugs! She looked like an anorexic bear. You know, like, at the circus? One of the ones that are tortured… And forced to wear party hats.

Red Line train
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: I totally know what you mean…

Chick to friend: Well, it’s not as if you were ever going to be elected president of the cock fan club, now was it?

Melbourne University

Overheard by: Wylis

Girl: Hey, you’re that chick I stalk on MySpace!‑c-u-irl.html

Girl #1: I’m Jewish.
Girl #2: I’m Catholic.
Girl #3: I’m Christian.
Girl #2: What kind of Christian?
Girl #3: Plain. Plain Christian.

Freedom Center
Manassas, Virginia

Overheard by: Amused Counselor

20‐something to boyfriend: He was like syphilis on a stick!

Omaha, Nebraska

Chick #1: About 20 minutes is good enough.
Chick #2: But what about the pleasure part?

Colby College, Maine

Overheard by: they stopped talking when they saw me listening

Chick: Well, my mom wouldn’t let me on the train until I wore pants, so there ya go.

Southmoor station
Aurora, Colorado

Chick #1: Have I ever told you how much I hate Sex and the City?
Chick #2: Yes.
Chick #1: I just think that if women are going to base their lives around a TV show, it should be a cooler one… like Ninja Turtles.
Chick #2: You’re right.
Chick #1: April O’Neil was a good role model. She was interested in reporting the truth and wearing yellow jumpsuits. And nailing Casey Jones. He was hot.