Overheard in Vancouver

Girl #1: Y’know, it kind of weirds me out when I have sex with my boyfriend. He looks like Jesus.
Girl #2: Jesus wasn’t Mexican.
Girl #1: Yeah, yeah, but still — it’s like I’m having sex with Jesus.
Girl #2: You should talk to your pastor about that.


Overheard by: katherine

Tourist to waitress: How do we get to the bad part of town?


Overheard by: kyle

Dude: I think I should wait until she has breasts.


Overheard by: david

Nurse: I didn’t even bother checking the urgency, but I guess if there are stab marks it’s urgent.


Overheard by: funvill

Lady #1: Oooh… These cups are so cute!
Lady #2: Did you notice they have them set out on the drive‐through window? Very smart. All the husbands who forgot to buy presents for their wives will be bringing home Starbucks mugs today.
Lady #1: After 21 years of marriage, I buy my own gifts.


Overheard by: erin

Dude to buddies: You’re going to spend our hooker money on a cab?


Chick on cell: Well, the cadaver table is the only big thing that has to be moved. I’ll take the snakes in my car.


Overheard by: johanna

Guy #1: So, she said she didn’t want to be just another girl I sleep with.
Guy #2: But that’s what you want.
Guy #1: Well, yeah, but I can’t say that.


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