Overheard in Ann Arbor

Hot chick: What the hell is egg nog?


Overheard by: eston

Girl #1: I hate being stalked over Facebook. They’re also creepy guys that I’m not interested in. They are just wasting their time and mine.
Girl #2: It can’t be that bad, can it?
Girl #1: You don’t understand — you’re not pretty like me.


Overheard by: kolby

Woman #1: How do you spell ‘rarely’?
Woman #2: R-A-I-R-L-E-E… Here, maybe I should fill that out.


Overheard by: office dog

Chick #1, perusing CDs: The Ramones? I’ve never really listened to them. Are they any good?
Chick #2: Oh, yeah, I listen to them all the time when I’m using my vibrator!


Overheard by: chris

Guy #1: Let’s see Grindhouse.
Guy #2: What’s that about?
Guy #1: Jesus.


Geek #1: I would totally do Chun-Li.
Geek #2: Dude, she’s a fictional video game character…
Geek #1: I don’t care, she’s smoking hot.
Geek #2: Whatever, she’s only 16-bit.


Overheard by: eric

Chick: Do I know you from somewhere?
Dude: Uh… maybe?
Chick: Didn’t you come to my Halloween party dressed as the Pillsbury Doughboy?
Dude: No.


Crazy man at bus stop in front of the Union: I’m a Nazi for sex, ya fuckin’ sluts.


Overheard by: gen

Chick to guy: Well, the joke’s on you, because I have syphilis.


Overheard by:

Frat boy #1: I think I’m going to start doing cocaine instead of marijuana. I need to step it down a notch.
Frat boy #2: Uh, how is that stepping it down, exactly?
Frat boy #1: I dunno. I just think cocaine is more practical.


Overheard by: amy