Doctor’s office

Woman #1: How do you spell ‘rarely’?
Woman #2: R-A-I-R-L-E-E… Here, maybe I should fill that out.

Overheard by: office dog

High school girl to friend: History is my favorite subject, my favorite is the holocaust…I love the holocaust!

Dentist Office, Korea Town
Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: anon

Doctor: Okay, we're going to give you an iron shot.
Nurse: Roll over on your side. Okay, you're just going to feel a little prick in your butt.
Patient: Better than the finger that was up there earlier!

Newport Beach, California

Confused elderly female patient, trying to punch staff: If you kill me, my family will hunt you down and take all your money!
Nurse's aide, trying to clean up patient: Yeah, we hear that a lot.

Burlingame, California

Nurse: We had the father bless the house when we moved in, but weird stuff keeps happening. I don't think the spirits are happy.
Secretary: Happy? You need the priest to exorcise your house! You want the spirits to be gone, not just happy!

Burlingame, California

Overheard by: Just here for the paycheck

Black woman, chuckling gleefully at bad financial news on tv: Oh, some white folks gon' kill themselves now!

Medical Office Waiting Room
Chesapeake, Virginia

Overheard by: Ashleigh

Newly admitted psych patient: I'm here because I'm crazy! What the hell is art therapy going to do for me?

Highland Park, Illinois

Two-year-old girl: Fuck that. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck!

Gilbert, Arizona

Overheard by: KBizz

Mother to four-year-old in doctor's waiting room: Come on, Sam*, we're next.
Sam: Are we seeing the doctor?
Mother: Yup.
Sam: (pause) Well, okay. As long as he doesn't look at my penis.

Hurstbridge Medical Center