South America

American guy #1: Fuck, here I am, sitting on top of some fucking sandmountain in the goddam desert in Chile, god knows how far away from home, to watch some goddam sunset! And I'm not even on my fucking own, or with some hot chick. I'm sitting here with severeal hundred other people. It's such a fucking waste. It's kinda like sitting all alone in the movie theater, and then some dickhead comes and sits down next too you.
American guy #2: Yeah, I did that once!
American guy #1: I hate you. (walks away).

San Pedro de Attacama

Overheard by: Hege

Girl #1: Yuck! You dated him? Why?
Girl #2: Well, I thought he was cute, but it turns out he was really just rich.

Manuel Antonio
Costa Rica

Straight guy: Why do gay men love boobs but hate vaginas?
Gay guy: Because boobs are pretty and vaginas look like a roast beef sandwich.
Drunk guy: I could so go for Arby's right now.


Overheard by: Nick

American backpacker girl, about her new hostel boyfriend: So, as of this afternoon, he’s one step closer to not being a virgin.
Dutch girl, shocked: What about your period?!
American friend, walking up: Don’t worry. Just do it. He won’t even know what’s going on anyways.

Loki Hostel
La Paz