Jesuits: Eeexcellent…!

Girl to another: She pulls the virgin card all the time, but she's such a slut.

North Dakota State University

Overheard by: Chelsea

Ditzy teen girl to ditzy friend: Oh my god! I would never be able to live with myself if I died before I lost my virginity!

High School

Serious biker: Virgins are great! You can use them as currency.

Blowfish Sushi
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: tangotravellers

Teenage girl: What are you doing here?
20-something girl: Came to get some lighters because I lost mine.
Teenage girl, after a moment: Your virginity?
20-something girl, slowly: No, my lighters…you just choose what you want to hear and make up the rest, don't you?
Teenage girl: Yeah.

United Kingdom

Overheard by: Jen

Tour guide: The vestal virgins would be raped and buried alive if they were no longer virgins. If they let the fire go out, they would just be buried alive.
Tourist: I dunno if that's any better.
Little old Japanese woman: Hey, at least the first way you get some thrills.


Girl: Finally! I'm no longer a virgin anymore! And I did it with someone I love. I dunno if he loves me though.

Overheard by: Ian

Chick: There comes an age when just kissing won’t do it anymore. I’m 22 and I want to be fucked!

Augusta Street
São Paulo

Overheard by: Laughing passerby

Tourist #1: No, there is more than one kind of virginity.
Tourist #2: What?
Tourist #1: You know, like anal-ginity, Argentina-ginity, Ameri-ginity. All kinds of ‘-ginities.’
Tourist #2: Wow, that’s sick, man.

Buenos Aires

Guy: Didn’t you have a friend who lost her virginity to her shoe?
Green haired girl: Yeah. She fell on her foot and ruptured it or something. Like riding a horse.
Pink haired girl: What the fuck?
Guy: Told you!
Green haired girl: I felt bad when she told us because I was the only one busting up laughing.


College guy from dorm room window to tour group: If your daughters are virgins they won't be for long!

Miami University
Oxford, Ohio

Overheard by: sarah