British woman: Ah, look, Dede’s eating a piece of paper.
American woman: I caught her eating a crayon today.
British woman: The other day she ate a piece of chalk during class. She’ll basically eat anything you give to her.

Volta School for the Mentally Handicapped
Gbi Kpendu, Volta Region
Ghana, West Africa

Enraged Frenchman to woman and son who is discreetly peeing on wall: What is wrong with you? Find a bathroom, this is a business! (starts walking away and then comes to a woman and her teenage daughter sitting on steps) And you two, get out! What are you, from the mountains? (to himself, walking away) Oh my god! I don't believe this!


Salesman to guy purchasing new phone: Yeah, we can totally transfer all your contacts and calendar and stuff to this new phone.
Guy (in English accent): Well, can you do that on this other model?
Salesman: No, you can't transfer your contacts from your old one to this model.
Guy (in English accent): Oh, that doesn't matter. I don't have any friends.

Austin, Texas

British girl: That being said, I don't worry about hiccups much, but I do worry about life a lot.

United Flight

Working-class hippie: Oh, I have another porn story!
Foreign hippie: The one about your mom?
Working-class hippie: No, no, this one's about Matt*–my surrogate father.

Amherst, Massachusetts

Taco Bell, Delicious but Disgusting

Canadian woman #1: And they found DNA in it.
Canadian woman #2: What?
Canadian woman #1: Sperm.
Canadian woman #2: What?! Again?! That's it, I'm not eating there anymore.

Bellingham, Washington

Overheard by: Rachel

Tour guide: The vestal virgins would be raped and buried alive if they were no longer virgins. If they let the fire go out, they would just be buried alive.
Tourist: I dunno if that's any better.
Little old Japanese woman: Hey, at least the first way you get some thrills.


20-ish European guy: So, do you like Angela*?
20-ish Asian guy: We’re pretty good friends, yeah. But what do you mean ‘like’ her?
20-ish European guy: You know — like-like her.
20-ish Asian guy: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! We’re just really good friends. I never really thought of her that way. Why? Do you like-like her?
20-ish European guy: I dunno. I think I like-like her, but I thought you like-liked her. [They walk away, still talking.]Woman: Is it just me or did those foreign guys sound like 12-year-old American girls, but, y’know, with funny accents?

Charity pancake breakfast
Hope, Alaska

Overheard by: I’d say closer to 10

Coworker: Where were you? You were meant to be in work at 7!
Drunk Slovakian guy arriving at work: I drank Jack Daniels until 5 this morning, then went to bed. I woke at nine and fucked Jane, then got my brother to drop me off at work.

Northern Ireland

White girl to Hispanic chick: I swear, in 5th grade you were, like, white.
Hispanic chick: White, like, acted white? Or white like white skin?
White girl: Like, white. Weren't you ever white?

Panera Bread
Fairlawn, New Jersey

Overheard by: Siberia