Central America

18-year-old guy to friend: If I liked kids, I would be celebrating mass at a Catholic church.

Mexico City

Overheard by: Kafnut

Girl #1: You know every time I see Tyler Perry I think about the white Tyler Perry.
Girl #2: That's Steven Perry from Aerosmith.
Girl #3: That's Steven Tyler.
Girl #1: Well, I'm talking about the Tyler Perry from Friends.
Girl #4: That's Mathew Perry!


Muscular black man: I'm like, “if you're going to be gay around me, you have to at least be funny.”

St. Thomas
Virgin Islands

Bus preacher: Prime time bingo is the key to hell.


Tourist #1: Do you think we should eat Mexican or Italian?
Tourist #2: Mexican is indigenous to the culture of Puerto Rico. Let's eat that…

San Juan
Puerto Rico

Chick: Man, I hate vacations! I always end up over-packing, and then I never get laid!