Guy on cell: So yeah, I broke it off with her… Well, she has a thing for feet, and I have a thing about feet, so it just wasn’t going to work.


Queer: … And I was like, ‘Honey, it’s not like I have a subscription to Town and Country to look at the dresses!’

Baltimore, Maryland

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Dude to friends: He was a fiend, I tell you! He’s a fiend in woman’s form.

University of Liverpool
United Kingdom

Dude: Overall, it was a good weekend… My knees, ass and thumb hurt.


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Hardhat telling story in falsetto voice: Leave me alone! I have a million things on my mind! [Switching to own voice] I’m like, ‘We haven’t had sex in weeks!’

Boston, Massachusetts

Bimbette: I don’t know… I just feel something swimming around inside of me!


Little boy to parents: Nuh-uhhh! I only got thrown up on that one time!


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Jesuits: Eeexcellent…!

Girl to another: She pulls the virgin card all the time, but she's such a slut.

North Dakota State University

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Woman #1: I fell down the stairs yesterday.
Woman #2: Oh my god! Me, too! What happened?
Woman #1: I don’t know. I just fell.
Woman #2: I guess I’m a little better than you — a possum was chasing me.


50-something woman to friend: She's got a phenomenal voice–when she sings, it's like she has gills instead of lungs.


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