Confused girl to another: You’re a man-whore? I’m a man-whore, too!


Overheard by: anonymous

Hot chick: Trust me, I would know. I’m a retired slut.


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Hoochie: If I could get a hundred bucks just for showing my titties on Jerry Springer, I’d so do it.

Chicago, Illinois

Hoochie: Yeah, I don’t know, but Josh and I totally hooked up for a while last year.
Friend: What? Why?!
Hoochie: What do you mean, ‘Why’? Josh is hot.
Friend: Dude, hooking up with Josh is like hanging a sign on your vagina that says, ‘Come on in, chlamydia.’ If I was looking for a communicable disease, Josh is the first place I’d go.
Hoochie: Oh…

California State University-Chico
Chico, California

Overheard by: Kimberly

Girl: Hey, Chantelle*! Chantelle!
Chantelle: What?
Girl: Did you bring skank boots?
Chantelle: Yeah.

Drama class, All Saints High School
Whitby, Ontario

Overheard by: freshman whisperer

Guy: You’re such a slut.
Chick: That’s what my tattoo says!


Overheard by: tim

30-year-old: I will be somebody’s cum bucket, but I won’t be anybody’s cum dumpster!


Hoochie, about guy she met on a band trip: He was gorgeous, with a dick as big as my arm! [Notices band class is listening] Oh, my bad.

High school

Hoochie #1: I’m just an attention-whore, not a sex-whore.
Hoochie #2: I think I’m both.

Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Meesh

Ghetto lady to two young boys: Stop lookin at my pussy!

20 Bus
Denver, Colorado

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