Coffee-drinking woman: Thank god they're Buddhists. Unlike Christians, where we'll just blow the shit out of each other. And not in the good way.

Marin, California

Tween boy: I'm going to make Buddha the theme of my Bar Mitzvah.
Uninterested yuppie mom: Mmhmmm.

TJ Maxx
Swampscott, Massachusetts

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Professor: Are there any Buddhists in this class? Anyone in here a Buddhist? Huh? All these Asians and no Buddhists?!

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

Girl to friend: It's like karma in the butt, you know?
Friend: (pained expression on face, agreeing)

San Francisco, California

Guy #1: My boss, who's a Shaolin monk, told me if I saved his school, he'd pay off my loans. He was like “I pay off 1.5 million dollar debt!” and then, for a while, I was dealing with the Russian mafia, so I've been pretty busy.
Guy #2: Man… Your life is like a movie. It's like Karate Kid 15 or something.

Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana

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