Chick: What’s your background?
Girl with laptop: … Uh, I’m part Korean…
Chick: No, I meant on your computer.

Idyllwild, California

Girl on street: I like your hat!
Man on bike: Thank you!
Girl on street: I was just kidding!

Man: What’s your name?
Woman: Juna.
Man: That reminds of me of a tree… A beautiful tree.

Overheard by: leslie

Carpool driver, noticing woman at bus stop: She has art between her legs.

Overheard by: b!X

Enthusiastic lady: Oh, you must be having a boy!
Very preggers: Uh, no… It’s actually a girl.
Enthusiastic lady: Really? Because your face has changed!
Very preggers: What do you mean?
Enthusiastic lady: Oh, you know, it just looks bad. I was ugly, too, when I was pregnant with my son.

Clinic waiting room
San Francisco, California

Teen #1: Dude, gross!
Teen #2: Come on, man! Don’t act like that, you’ve wondered if it was worth it having your asshole licked during sex, too!
Teen #1: Yeah, but not by a fat Asian chick!
Stranger: Was it worth it?

Modern Skate and Surf
Royal Oak, Michigan

Loud outburst from quiet conversation: What kind of pan do you have that you can cook a head in it?!

8000 Foothills Boulevard
Roseville, California

Overheard by: Drew

Guy on bike to random guy: Hey, do you know where Saint pedophilia is?
Random guy: Where?
Guy on bike: Saint pedophilia. It's a Catholic church by Saint Thomas where the priests molest little boys and turn them into homosexuals. (bikes away)
Random guy, stunned: What the fuck was that?

Overheard by: well, that was odd

Passerby, to himself: Man, they should totally make Google a wonder of the world. I mean, they already have Hollywood and shit.

Technology Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Rachael Johnson

Liberal #1: Cut off her head!
Liberal #2: No! Then she wouldn’t feel any of the pain!
Liberal #1: Yeah, you’re right… I suppose you could cut her head off half-way…
Passerby: Um, I don’t mean to interrupt, but, um, what are you talking about?
Liberal #1: How to kill Ann Coulter.
Liberal #2: Is that bad?
Passerby: Oh, no, continue! By all means, please!

After concert at Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, California

Overheard by: Argonath