Creepster: There are so many internet cats in my life I can’t keep them all straight!

301 Heller Drive
Santa Cruz, California

Passerby, to himself: Man, they should totally make Google a wonder of the world. I mean, they already have Hollywood and shit.

Technology Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Rachael Johnson

Girl on cell: Did you write it on my Facebook? Was it perverted or mean? Yeah? Good.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Drunk guy: If kiddie porn is such a huge problem on the internet, how come you can't ever find it?

St. Louis, Missouri

Overheard by: Why Don't You Have A Seat Over Here…

Friend #1: God! Old people get so pissy when they don't get their obituaries on time.
Friend #2: Why?
Friend #1: Because they want to know which of their friends has died that week.
Friend #2: Oh, so it's like Facebook for the elderly!

Memorial Hospital
Ontario, Canadia

Overheard by: Dani

Very serious, very excited young woman: He's finally becoming a person! He got Facebook and he texts full-sized messages!

Owatonna, Minnesota

Overheard by: feels sorry for those without technology…

Girl #1: She defriended me!
Girl #2: Well, that explains the shoes.

Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island

Boy #1: I'm gonna take out my iPhone and post these pictures on YouTube.
Boy #2: You can't post photos on YouTube.
Boy #1: Fine, I'll post them on Facebook.
Boy #2: You don't have a Facebook.
Boy #1: I'll e-mail them to your mom. She posts everything on Facebook.

Central Islip, New York

Overheard by: Val

Chick: Hey, how was your reading week?
Dude: Okay. I just went home, did nothing. How was yours?
Chick: It was good. I went to Florida.
Dude: Yeah, I saw some pic—tures… [Awkward silence.] Well, I’ll see ya.

Overheard by: alex

Hip daughter: Mom, is that the same guy?
Hip mom: No.
Hip daughter: Then why do they sound the exact same?
Hip mom: Because they're Jewish.
Hip daughter: Really?
Hip mom: No.
Hip daughter (laughing): Oh my god! Mom! That's…
Hip mom: Don't quote me on Facebook.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Overheard by: robert taylor