Overheard at McGill

Chick #1, fawning over little pup: Oh my god, he is sooo adorable. Hellooo! Hellooo there, little guy! Awww, so cute. [She and her friend walk away.]Chick #2: Oh, he was so cute! I wish I could have one.
Chick #1: I wish I could have stepped on the little thing and squished its little head.


Professor, about English grammar: Sorry, I lost my train of thought. I was thinking of Samuel L. Jackson.


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Girl #1: Do I look okay?
Girl #2: Yeah, you look cute.
Girl #1: Cute like you want to sleep with me?


Hungry person: I would sacrifice a million Asians for 10‐dollar sushi.


Chick: Brazilians are the bomb.
Dude: Eastern European chicks are always sooo hot because they can’t afford food.

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Fancy girl #1: Oh my god, getting hit by a car is totally my favorite activity.
Fancy girl #2: Really? Mine is shopping.


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Professor: Oh, today is Johnny Cash’s birthday… In case you need a reason to drink.


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Girl on cell: My life totally sucks right now. I went to an intellectual conference and people were saying smart things and I was asking myself, ‘Why can?t I say things like that?!’ And I?ve forgotten all essay‐writing skills I learned in high school! Ugh, I am, like, totally ESL right now. Like, what am I doing with my life?! I’m not getting into law school, I’m not going to get a position at the UN… Ugh! I might as well get married to a rich Arabian prince!


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Girl: Finally! I’m no longer a virgin anymore! And I did it with someone I love. I dunno if he loves me though.


Overheard by: Ian

Professor: Suppose a woman goes in for a haircut. No, that’s not right! What are they called if they’re for women? Blow‐something. Blowjobs?


Overheard by: econ 208