Girl on cell: So, like, I refused her. I told her I'm not friends with whores.

Salisbury, Maryland

High school girl #1: I hate how everyone judges you based on your grades.
High school girl #2: What?
High school girl #3: Well, okay. By “everyone,” I mean Asians.

Walter Johnson High School

Professor: Are there any Buddhists in this class? Anyone in here a Buddhist? Huh? All these Asians and no Buddhists?!

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

30-something woman: Should we get this one?
Mom: It comes with two 8x10s.
30-something woman, to brother across room: Do you want an 8×10?
Brother: Don't care.
30-something woman: Maybe we should get this one with the 5x7s. (to brother) Do you want a 5×7?
Brother: It's incredible how much I don't care.

Photo Studio
Germantown, Maryland

Overheard by: Daniel

Teen twink: It was so hard to follow, and then he ate the ferret…

St. Michaels High School

Overheard by: MarionC

Girl: It's like Everybody Loves Raymond, but with white people.

Columbia, Maryland

Overheard by: Liz

Supervisor to trainee: Don't be afraid of the tomatoes.

Rockville, Maryland

Girl wearing long, flowy skirt to friend: I just feel a deep connection with the lighting of this room. I'm a big fan of lighting.


Punk chick #1: Well, it’s just… I’m confused…
Punk chick #2: It’s okay, it’s summer! There are a lot of confusing things in the air, like love… and pollen.


Gay guy: I told them not to have hip-hop night cause a bitch would get cut. And what happened? A bitch got cut!

Outside The Hippo
Mt. Vernon, Mayrland