Punk girl: So we started fucking on a regular basis, right? And then I realized that I may actually like the guy!

University Campus
Austin, Texas

Punk walking down dairy aisle: Dude, don’t say that here…
Friend: What? Am I gonna offend the cheese?


Overheard by: Roosebeck

Chubby goth girl (gasping): Oh, shit! (spills her coffee)
Skinny punk chick: Did you burn yourself?
Chubby goth girl: No, but I bet my snatch smells like chocolate now.
Skinny punk chick: That's sexy.

Lakeport, California

Artsy emo: It was like lesbian Fight Club! First Leema liked Holly, then she liked Tracy, who liked Nicola, who also liked Holly. So Nicola and Leema got in a fist fight and in the end, Tracy and Holly had sex in the woodshop classroom!


Punk: Why don’t they have a Father’s Day card that says, ‘Dad, you suck. Happy Father’s Day’?

Greensboro, North Carolina

Punk girl: A lamp?
Punk guy: While it was still on.
Punk girl: Didn't that like…burn the colon?
Punk guy: Apparently it wasn't on at first. Someone decided to plug it in as a joke.
Punk girl, giggling: Oh my god…what happened with that?
Punk guy: I don't know–all I know is that it involved the hospital.


Drunk punk girl #1: Oh my god! Is that a raccoon? I think it's staring at me!
Drunk punk girl #2: That's a fuckin shirt, you retard.
Drunk punk girl #1: Well, if it bites me, I'm punching you in the ovaries!
Drunk punk girl #2, muttering: I need new friends.

Outside Bar
Niagara Falls, New York

Fast-walking emo kid: There is no slowing down when it comes to me and High School Musical.

Roanoke, Virginia

Overheard by: snarky writer

Punk chick #1: Well, it’s just… I’m confused…
Punk chick #2: It’s okay, it’s summer! There are a lot of confusing things in the air, like love… and pollen.


High school punk #1: “Fluids” sounds better.
High school punk #2: I don't like fluids.
High school punk #1: And that's why you're flunking band!

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: SaraG(as in gee, I wonder what THAT means…)