Sorority types

Sorority girl to lit class: So she was all saying that I was totally against feminism if I insisted on shaving my legs. And I said she was totally against feminism if she insisted on being a whore!

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska

Skinny sorostitute: Every time I see him he just makes me want to throw up.

Arizona State University

Overheard by: Lindsay

Girl, walking across campus with friends: I think two beers and a shot is the perfect amount for that class!

University of Arizona

College girl: I really want to go as Superman!
Friend: You aren’t going to stuff your crotch, are you?

Melbourne University

Sorostitute #1: Yeah, the handbook says I can either take two foreign language classes or two literature classes… So, like, I took the literature classes because, like, at least I can read that, y’know?
Sorostitute #2: So true…

Patterson School of Accountancy, University of Mississippi
University, Mississippi

College girl #1: Eating raw fish makes you super fertile.
College girl #2: Really?
College girl #1: Yeah, thats why I get pregnant so much.

Japanese Restaurant
Richmond, Virginia

Sorority chick, from across room: Hey, do you wanna go steady?
Frat guy: Sure, when?
Sorority chick: I dunno… Let me ask my boyfriend and get back to you.
Frat guy: Sweet. Just as long as I get to tap that.


Overheard by: confused and disgusted

College girl to friend: the nice thing about a toga is that you don’t have to wear Spanx with it.

Metro State College of Denver
Denver, Colorado

Sorority girl: Well, she should stop having abortions then!

University of Michigan

Sorostitute: I hear seminal fluid makes your teeth whiter.‑1.html

Overheard by: doug